The Best Collection Of Outrageously Drunk People

I have seen so many of these videos but this one is by far the best.

drunk video 2012 compolation

How drunk is too drunk? Clearly the people that star in this clip have gone above and beyond the call of duty with their binge session and although I know we should not laugh at other peoples misfortune, its very hard not to. The are trying to perform the most simple of tasks but to them it seems like mission impossible.

There is one guy in there that is making out with a car. I have no words.

Check it out!

Source: Youtube

Should It Be A Criminal Offence To Drink Alcohol When Pregnant


A council in North West England is seeking criminal injuries compensation for a six-year-old girl with ‘growth retardation’, caused by her mother’s alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

If the court agrees that the woman committed a crime, it could pave the way for a pregnant woman’s┬ábehavior┬áto be criminalised.

Making drinking during pregnancy a criminal offense really does undermine a woman’s freedom to make that decision for herself.

I dont advocate getting blind drunk when you are pregnant, but the odd glass of red wine or a cold beer every now and then I think is harmless and most OBGYN’s and midwives would agree.

What do you think, do you think it should be criminalised or is this just another case of “big brother”.

I would love to hear your thoughts.




You can find more about the issues of drinking during pregnancy here.