Incredible Acrobatic Motorbike Accident

WOW, this is what dash cams were made for.


How this motorcycle rider survived is beyond me, but he not only survived, he pulled some sort of jedi mind trick and flipped and landed on his feet on the roof of the car.
Its amazing stuff, check it out.

Source: LiveLeak

35 Adorably Awkward Childhood Photo Recreations

Jo Budd pretty much wrote the book on awkard photos when she posted her first post with them as content over a year or so ago, and they’ve now become quite popular with a lot of people, so I hope you don’t mind me bringing you these from Playbuzz. Some people just need to leave their past where it belongs. In the past. Enjoy!

Beastie Boys ~ So What’cha Want ~ Brilliant Muppets Version

This is an awesome collision of the Muppets and The Beastie Boys and a brilliant tribute to MCA.


Its been done by Swedish Chef, Animal and Beaker, some of the all time favorite muppets and all to the tune of one of the Beastie Boys most famous songs, “So What’Cha Want.

The internet is always full of surprises, but this one takes the cake for me today, I am a huge fan of the boys and really enjoyed this.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Source: Youtube