Mom Kicks Son Out For Being Gay. Badass Grandpa Responds With This Letter

The internet has been abuzz with the recent story of Daniel Pierce, a 19 year old who¬†covertly recorded the shocking encounter with his father, stepmother, grandparents and aunt when they held a religious intervention with him about his “choice” of sexuality. Some incredible people have now gone on to raise over 100 thousand dollars for Daniel to start his life over.

Daniels family really could do with taking a leaf out of this grandpa’s book. His daughter kicks her son out of the house for being gay and the grandfather has responded in the most EPIC way.

I hope Daniel finds peace with his family and parents out there struggling with their child’s sexuality get the help and support they need to start accepting.



Yes Mom, We’re Really Happy ~ 15 Men And Their Imaginary Girlfriends

There is a lot to be said about the bond between Mother and Son.

Men always want to impress their Moms and dream of the day they take home their girlfriend and she will be accepted into the family with open arms. Not these guys, they have pulled their best Photoshop skills out of the woodwork, not only to impress their mothers! but their friends too and BOY have they done a good job.

Hope you get as many giggles out of these images as we did, enjoy!

Two for the price of one!

We get on like a house on fire Mom!

Mom, please let Dad I am doing really well!

Yes she is taller, but so was Katie over Tom!

I squeeze her arm like this to show my affection

My girlfriend can float!

Yes Mom, she is REAL

Sending love from Hawaii, love to everyone at home

Picture credit,

We are so in love, not GET UP AND COOK ME SOME EGGS

I got my hair cut Mom

She loves to party!

Just leaving for our road trip Mom, see you soon!

She loves to monkey around

She is all class Mom, you are going to love her

Sincerely ~ V’Gina

We all know guys can feel very hard done by, often trying hard to provide for the family, never feeling appreciated and never getting enough nookie, all the while having your other half on your case to finish the damn you started three months ago that you just cant seem to find the time to do.

WELL, this guy has been proactive and is asking for a raise!