10 Must See Horror Flicks

Some of these 10 must see horror flicks have been remade but give me the originals any day. I saw several of these at the drive-in so you know they’re old school. A couple also gave me nightmares when I first saw them. Truly creepy flicks.

#1- 2000 Maniacs – 1964


Tourists are lured into a small Southern town under the guise of helping to celebrate a centennial Civil War event, and then made to participate in sick games before meeting their deaths.  The one death I remember most in this movie, and the one that was responsible for said nightmares, was when they put this guy in a barrel that was studded with nails, (pointed end on the inside of course) and rolled him down a hill. For some reason that stuck with me and haunted my dreams for a while.

#2- Frogs – 1972

frogsI think the reason this movie freaked me out so bad was because at the time I saw it, I lived in Florida and could very well imagine all the creepy crawly, slithering slimy creatures that reside there taking back their territory like they do in this movie. I was so young when I saw this I didn’t even realize Sam Elliott was such a stone cold fox.

#3- The Entity – 1982


This movie is supposed to be based on a true story and whether that’s the case or not, this scared the bejeebus out of me. It’s about a woman who was possessed by a demon that tormented and sexually assaulted her, and Barbara Hershey did an excellent job of making it look real.

#4- Willard – 1971

willardWhat is there about rats that isn’t the stuff of nightmares? Trained rats to take revenge on people that have wronged you in some imagined or real way, that’s the stuff Willard is made of, and if you can watch this without a shudder or two, more power to you.

#5- The Manitou – 1978themanitou

It would be bad enough to develop a hump on your back, but to then find out you have a 400 year old Native American demonic spirit growing inside of it would flat out ruin anyone’s day.   “Evil does not die… it waits… to be reborn”.

#6- Motel Hell – 1980motelhell

Guests at this hotel get planted and fattened up for Rory Calhoun’s grinder for the sausage that he sells at his roadside stand. They should have known something was up when the “O” in the Hello part of the Motel sign flickered and went out. Gore with a G.

#7- The Legacy – 1978


Sam Elliot stars in this one too with real life wife Katharine Ross.  Everybody should know you don’t just inherit a huge estate and the wealth to keep it up without having to pay some sort of price.  Six people receive the same invitation but of course only one can claim the prize. The Who’s Roger Daltrey plays a small role in this and the swimming pool in the mansion is reason alone to watch this movie.

#8- The Sentinel – 1977


A young model thinks she’s rather fortunate to find a fantastic apartment that is not only beautiful and spacious but well within her budget. Silly girl. Wait till she gets a load of some of the neighbors, especially the one that resides on the top floor. Her career’s about to take a change for the worse.

#9- The Hand – 1981


This is a truly creepy movie.  When a comic book artists loses his hand in an auto accident, it can’t be found at the scene, but it finds its way home and has a penchant for murdering those who anger its owner.

#10- Race With The Devil – 1975


This movie still scares me today.  Off for a well earned vacation two couples witness a satanic sacrifice and try to tell the authorities but are given lame excuses for what they actually saw and they decide to take matters to a higher authority but are being followed and making it to a safe destination seems less likely all the time.

That’s just a few of the movies I remember growing up and I think they were so much better than the slasher films that seem to have taken over the horror genre.  What do you think? Have you seen any of these movies, and if so which was your favorite; or do you have another that isn’t on this list?  Tell us, we’d love to know what we may be missing!

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