10 Things Only Your BFF Knows About You

1. They know your favorite flavor of every single junk food and candy.GUY EATING COTTON CANDY

2. And they know that (at least) 50% of your money is spent on alcohol.GIRL IN CURLERS

3. And all the really, really stupid questions and opinions you have on worldly affairs.GUY SAYING WHAAAAT?

4. They know that you have dinner twice every night, once at 7 p.m. and then again at 2 a.m.GIRL CRAMMING HER MOUTH FULL OF FOOD

5. They’re the only people who know exactly when you’re pooping.girl winking

6. They know how abysmal you are at budgeting and that you spend a week every month broke.Woman telling a secret

7. They know your Facebook search history better than Facebook even does.girl snooping into someone else's computer files

8. Your BFFs know your guilty-pleasure TV shows because they watch them with you.The girls from Friends on a couch drinking and watching TV

9. They know that you force them to like your Facebook/Instagram updates as soon as they’re posted.Cartoon character little boy saying Please

10. They know every regrettable detail of every regrettable date, even the ones you yourself have tried to forget.brenda and kelly laughing together

Source: BuzzFeed

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