16 Reasons You Should Never Reenact Pinterest Photos

1. Babies do not know how to pose for pictures. They just don’t.pinterest-1

2. You are not flexible enough to do an infinity sign with your body.pinterest-2

3. Dogs will not sit still after you give them a stick.pinterest-3

4. Your hair is not majestic enough to flip like this.pinterest-4

5. Children cry ALL the time.pinterest-5

6. Putting sprinkles on your lips will not look cute. pinterest-6

8. You’re supposed to kiss under the mistletoe, not wrap yourself in hot bulbs.pinterest-8

9. You are not a yoga master.pinterest-9

10. There is no way you can spin your child and take a picture at the same time.pinterest-10

11. A photo within a photo is only legit when you are in a scenic area.pinterest-11

12. Kids do not cooperate.pinterest-12

13. You can’t fake a candid moment.                              14. Like, ever.pinterest-14

15. Aerial pictures just never come out the way you want them to. pinterest-15

16. And babies HATE PUMPKINS. pinterest-16pinterest-17

Seriously, just stop trying this one.


Source: buzzfeed.com

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