Your Name In Lights

neonthumb Your Name In LightsI’ve been telling Jo for days now that I was going to make her a neon sign.  If she hasn’t forgotten about it she probably thinks I was blowing smoke. HA HA  I just have been busy with getting the mobile site set up amongst other little projects.

Have y’all checked out the site on your cells recently?  You should be seeing a whole different view and it should be loading a heck of a lot faster.  If not, please leave us a message in comments under Contact Us!

I made this sign with Corel Paint Shop Pro and animated it with the Animation Shop program that evidently has been discontinued because I can’t find it anywhere updated.  The one I used I downloaded from CNET.  This version is from 2008 and I think the last year they included it with the PSP program.  Works like a charm!

Animation2 Your Name In Lights

This One’s For YOU Jo Budd

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