3 Chances To Win A FILHAB Coozie aka The Legends Tin Foil Hat Contest

When Jo and I first started working together she was just learning the technical side of the Internet outside of Facebook, and sometimes I’d explain something more than once and she’d say, “I need a tin foil hat Mrs. D.” I think that may be the opposite of what they’re generally known for but I understood completely what she meant and now it’s a joke between us. Jo loves being different and I must say, she is one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever met. With that being said, this was ALL her idea. BAHAHAHAHA

resize-500x182 3 Chances To Win A FILHAB Coozie aka The Legends Tin Foil Hat Contest

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to fashion yourself a tin foil hat and take a selfie or have someone else photograph you wearing it and upload the picture to the Files section on The Legends group page. You must be a Legends member to participate and the image posted in the thread I begin which I am calling- images.  🙂

You have from now until 9PM Wednesday the 29th of July (U.S. Time) to set your muse to work. You can use nothing except tin foil, or as it’s actually aluminum foil now, that. (Reynold’s Wrap, whatever.)  After 9PM on Wednesday I’m going to gather all the images together and post them here with an assigned number on each and that post link will be pinned to the top of the Legends group page to let you know that voting has begun. I will also post that link in the images thread.  Just click the link and view the pictures, pick your three favorites and put the numbers in a comment.  (You can comment on any post here with your Facebook Login.)

11759008_123565577982707_76715362_n-500x500 3 Chances To Win A FILHAB Coozie aka The Legends Tin Foil Hat Contest

We’ll go through all of the comments and the top three numbers voted for the most will be the winners of the Fuck It, Lets Have A Beer coozie. If you are a winner you have to be able to give Jo your shipping address. Winners will be posted in another post here on the site and a link to that post will be pinned in the group posts and in the images post.

Pretty easy and such a small task for such an awesome prize.  Good Luck Everybody!

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