Redback Bites Sydney Man’s Penis In Portable Toilet

a3c32976b763d843cb97b3653b9b0d5c-600x338 Redback Bites Sydney Man's Penis In Portable Toilet

So this happened in Sydney a few days ago. Poor fella went to use the portable toilet on a construction site and this gorgeous little creature bit him right on his no no place!

So many people fear Australia due to all the creepy crawlies but in all honesty, this guy was just really unlucky. We had a nest in our back yard last year. The rule is to know your creepy crawlies well and you will be just fine!

Poor old Jordan must have got the shock of his life. One bite can be fatal if not treated with anti venom immediately but he made it to accident and emergency right on time.

A bite from a redback will cause pain. Pain as the venom stimulates the nerves around the bite, along with swelling and increased blood pressure. I can only imagine his fear thinking his days of fapping were numbered.

I could show you a few images of the results of a bite form a redback, but I don’t want to frighten you and make you cancel your plans of visiting the Australian Outback!

Jordan is in a stable condition and all his parts are expected to get back to normal function.


Jo xx

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