5 Paranormal Experiences That Will Make Your Skin Crawl


So the other night I was lying in bed, something woke me up, I looked up and could have sworn I saw something standing in my hallway. I woke my husband who said, nothing there hun, and continued to snore for the next 5 hours … anyhoo! What does one do when they think they see something creeping in their hallway? go on google and look up paranormal experiences .. like any other normal crazy person out there.

Why do I do this to myself!

Here are five of the creepiest stories I have read that a snoring husband can’t explain away.

Clarissa Glenn

(tish) Carissa Glenn from obit on net .suicide inquest story cornwall news service.

18-year-old Clarissa Glenn claimed to experience odd, ghostly presences in her apartment in Cornwall, England. She had been told that the person who lived in her room before her had hanged himself. Glenn had a history of sleepwalking, and ever since moving into this flat, had dreamt of hanging herself. One night, presumably in her sleep, she hanged herself from the rafters by her scarf.

Brian Bethel


Brian Bethel was parked outside a movie theatre when two young kids approached him. Bethel says he had never been so afraid in his life as he was at this time. The kids asked him for a ride home, and when Bethel started the car before giving them an answer, he claims their eyes turned black and they said they couldn’t get into the car unless they were invited. He drove away and later wrote about his experience on his blog, leading to people from all over the world to shave similar encounters.

Greg Garrett


Greg Garrett was playing in his backyard in Enfield, Illinois in 1973 when he claims to have been attacked. His attacker was not a person, and the description matched no animal anyone had ever heard of. Anyone who has described the creature, which came to be known as the “Enfield Horror” gave the same description; three legs, five feet tall, gleaming red eyes and taloned arms that seem curl in the front of a torso similar to that of a t-rex.

Teresita Basa


Teresita Basa was stabbed to death and had her body set on fire in 1976. There was very little that linked the murder to any person, and police were left wondering. About a year later another woman who worked with Basa, Remy Chua, claimed to have seen Basa’s spirit appear in a lounge at the hospital where they worked. One night, Chua spoke to her family in Basa’s voice naming Allen Showery as the murderer. Police found Basa’s belongings in Showery’s home, and he confessed to the crime.

Doris Bither

Doris Bither was a drunk who was known for abusing her children, having come from an abusive home herself. She claimed much of this happened because of the “entities” that haunted her. She eventually got a few paranormal investigators to observe her, and after some time, she began to curse at people no one else saw. Allegedly, auras began forming near her and a green mist started to form around her. One of the investigators fainted on the scene.

So, got the heebie jeebies? good, join the club.

Jo xxx


  1. In 1994 rose mike a young 14 year old lived in Orlando California in a old apartment one night her sister left to sleep in the living room rose was all alone in her room after hours of sleep she awoke to see a dark figure look at her with red eyes a month later her brother slept in the same room and say the same figure watching him they never figured out what it was the family moved a week later leaving everything behind

  2. Is it really true can you please explain in more details ?

  3. My children have told me over the years that they all had the same experience in a home we lived in 20 years ago. Each one individually saw a wolf like creature creeping up the stairs at night. It had glowing red eyes and moved very slowly. They never saw it together and never told me about it until they were much older. My husband and I had some strange experiences in that home as well. I think there must be something to it for all three of my kids to have seen the same thing at different times.

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