6 Haunted Cemeteries

If you believe in in this type of thing here are 6 haunted cemeteries you may (or may not) want to visit.  I mean what better place to actually find ghosts than a cemetery? I’ve always liked cemeteries. I find them peaceful and the headstones are always interesting, but I’m not so sure I’d find the following peaceful.

bonaventureBonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA.  This cemetery is built on the site of what used to be the Bonaventure Plantation that caught fire and burned.  Many visitors to the cemetery claim to hear conversations of party goers and some even claim to see packs of wild “ghost” dogs roaming around.


Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY. There was an outbreak of cholera and due to the 100’s of deaths this cemetery came into existence back in 1838. The Native Americans of the area believed the land this is built on to be haunted prior to the cemetery being opened and there is a spot of land here they call the “Devil’s Bowl” that many believe to be the location where satanic rituals have been performed, and that nearby this area poltergeists play and demons romp.


Martinsville, IN.  Located in the heart of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest the entire area of the Stepp Cemetery is supposed to be a hotspot for paranormal activity and many claim to see the ghost of a child hovering above its grave.


St. Louis Cemetery #1 New Orleans, LA. There are so many ghost stories and “events” associated with this cemetery I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  This cemetery is the same one featured in the film Easy Rider which was visited by Wyatt and Billy when they were tripping on LSD.


Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashtabula, OH.  A train wreck on a night of a blizzard led to many people being buried in a common grave in this cemetery and there have been many reports of paranormal sightings here, although it seems as if the dead have learned to move on from the tragic event that placed them here as the sightings almost always seem to be of happy people, children laughing and even picnics being held.


Highgate Cemetery, London, England  Karl Marx is buried in this cemetery and it is supposed to be the home of The Highgate Vampire and many other apparitions.

Do you believe in hauntings and do you like cemeteries? I know there are lots out there just dying to get in….

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