A garbage truck was ready to take him away, until he was rescued at the last moment.

Meet Patrick. I cringed when I first saw this picture. Patrick was found wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed down a chute. A garbage truck was ready to take him away, until he was rescued at the last moment.

It’s not certain how Patrick ended up in the trash, but it was discovered that his previous owners had tied him up to a railing for more than a week.

I have no idea how this dog has survived, but with love and care from some very kind souls, he did. Patrick is a fighter, there is no doubt about that.










  1. I have been known to put the pooch poo bag into the nearest garabge can on the side of the street at garabge day. – WAIT, don’t shoot please – In my neighborhood all the containers wheeled or not, are in fact dumped out into the the truck, so I feel less than guilty. ( And it wouldn’t occur to me to put it in the bin _after_ they’ve been emptied. I mean really, that’d be nasty. )Could the miscreant in your case not be aware that you are in some wierdo bag-yanking rather than proper bin-dumping neighborhood?I’ve never seen them _not_ dump containers. Not everything is bagged. Or even in the same bag.Yanking a garabge bag just strikes me as asking for trouble.

  2. Thank god for caring people

  3. I have just rescued a staffie myself which was found as a stray, starving and covered in pooh and urine. Jessie as she is named has been the best thing that has come into our lives. All she wants is food in her tummy lots of love and long walks. So how anyone could be so cruel to a lovely animal like that is beyond belief. I noticed that some person put that a place that they could go to is hell but to me that is to lenient. My wish for the person who did this will one day get their comeuppance and I hope that they have a tragic and unhappy life or better still experience the same fate of that poor dog of being put in to a bin bag and thrown into a skip and left for dead.

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