Amazing Black Tattoos By Andrey Svetov

These amazing black tattoos are the world of Russian tattoo artist Andrey Svetov. They are incredible and I would LOVE to get some work done by him one day!

Check them out.

wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_1 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_2 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_4 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_5 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_6 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_7 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_8 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_9 wonderful_black_tattoos_by_andrey_svetov_10

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