An Idiot’s Guide- Books For Dummies

I know that there is much new information in the world of today and sometimes we may need a little help in understanding how to do something we’re not familiar with, but aren’t we capable of finding that information out without having to resort to help manuals telling us we’re dummies? If we’re not, I’ve constructed a short list of An Idiot’s Guide- Books For Dummies, to help you decide if such help is the type you need, or if the information in the books is right for you.  Note: These are all actual books for sale.

#1- Beer For Dummies


You’re joking me right? How big of a dummy do you have to be to need a book that tells you about beer? They have a Dummies for Brewing and that I can understand, but for just beer? Give me a break! It’s pretty simple. Buy beer, drink beer. End of story.

#2- Law School For Dummies


If I ever have reason to hire an attorney one of the first things I’m going to ask said attorney is if they ever had this book in their possession.  I don’t care how they obtained it, if it ever passed through their hands I’m leaving immediately and finding another attorney who didn’t have to resort to Law School for Dummies for any reason.

#3- Breastfeeding For Dummies0764544810

This has got to make you wonder how the human race ever got this far.  I breastfed all three of my kids and as I recall it went something like this-  A. Uncover breast. B. Put baby’s mouth on the breast. C. Burp baby when they’ve had their fill.  Easy peasy.

#4- Hypnotherapy For Dummies

You are not a fool. You are not a fool. You are not a fool. I once knew this guy that wanted to quit smoking and went to a hypnotherapist to help him quit his habit. Surprise surprise! It actually worked. Too well.  He couldn’t smoke ANYTHING.  Figure that out for yourselves.  I have to group this with the Law School For Dummies book.  If I ever feel the need to go to a hypnotist, I sure as hell don’t want to go to one that had to resort to a Dummies book to learn his trade.

#5- Houseplants For Dummies


Almost all of the houseplants I’ve ever bought have had some type of care reference included, such as how much light the particular plant needed and how much water etc.  But even if they hadn’t I think I have enough sense to know they need light and water and if you give them both and they don’t make it, well, maybe you just don’t have a green thumb. MAYBE you should go spend 15 bucks on a Dummies book instead of looking it up at the library or on the Internet.

#6- Conquering Childhood Obesity For Dummies

Don’t overfeed your kid.  There.  I just saved you $20.00. Seriously though if your child has a problem with this don’t buy a book for Dummies, take the child to a doctor. SMH

#7- Acne For Dummies

Again, I’m SMH.  Unless this has instructions for how to deal with the mean kids that call you Pizza Face, or has coupons in it for Clearasil, this is just another waste of your money that would be better spent on going to the cost of an appointment with a dermatologist.

#8- Dungeons and Dragons For Dummies


Does anyone even still play this game? The title of this should actually be How To Tell The World You Have No Social Skills For Dummies, or How To Prove You’re A Nerd For Dummies.

#9- Exercise Balls For Dummies


Oh, this is rich.  Throw your money away on this book just like you did on the exercise ball.  I guarantee you won’t use the thing more than at the most 3 or 4 times. Good intentions, ahh, we all have them.

#10- Bread Machines For Dummies


If your bread machine didn’t come with an instruction booklet I’d be taking it back to where it was purchased and getting one that didn’t have that important information left out.

#11- Ways To Find Information Without Having To Buy A Dummies Book For Dummies

This last book, of course, ISN’T one of the actual Dummies books, but all the others in this post are.  Where do you go when you need to find information? I have a feeling it starts with G and ends with E. Let us know!

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