Anyone for a massage by a deadly giant Burmese Python

Unlike me, most people LOVE a nice day of pampering.  A nice massage, manicure, pedicure or just someone to help you iron out a few kinks.

But what if that person was a deadly giant Burmese pythons? Freaking out yet?

This very strange experience is being offered up for FREE to visitors at the  Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines … I mean seriously, are these people INSANE?

The Pythons – named Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel – are taken out of their cages and placed one at a time on top of visitors, who lie down on a bamboo bed near the zoo’s main entrance.

They are saying its a once in a chance lifetime opportunity … YES, IT IS, because you might just DIE! lol

First, they take the pythons out of the cage and place them on top of you, YES, you read that right, on TOP of you, feeling claustrophobic yet?


Sweet Jesus stop the madness! … Image Credit: Carters News Agency

Second, they squirm all over you and god help you if they are hungry.


There there snakey snakey …. Image Credit: Caters News Agency

Last, just relax, they are NOT a venomous snake …. ARE YOU CRAZY, I would not do this if you paid me all the money in the world.


Um, could someone please fix my shirt, my belly is hanging out… Image Credit: Caters News Agency

So there you have it, would you be brave enough to give this a go? I would LOVE to hear who has the balls of steel out there! lol


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