Are Australian Shepherds As Crazy As They Look?

Are Australian Shepherds as crazy as they look? YES.  No not really, at least from what I can tell so far, but they ARE energetic dogs and if you don’t have the time or space to keep one physically active they’re definitely not the dog for you.  Some are absolutely beautiful, but some are just plain crazy looking.

Australian Shepherd Puppy

Ole Blue Eyes

Maybe it’s the blue eyes on the pups that, at least in some, turn to a more amber shade as they age.

Australian Shepherd

Say What?

That look right there really makes me wonder what he’s contemplating.  One thing about these dogs is they are SMART.

Australian Shepherd Puppies

Awww- Puppies

Okay, so they don’t look so crazy when they’re puppies, although they do have some crazy colorings. 

Australian Shepherd

No Really, I’m Not Nuts

I think the dogs whose eyes stay blue are significantly more crazy looking than those with other eye colors, and trust me these can be varied.

Australian Shepherd

Make My Day

They are also very family oriented and while not exactly formidable looking, they can be formidable to deal with if you aren’t part of their family.  It is necessary to “socialize” your Aussie while it is still young to keep any other people out of harm’s way should they come into contact with your dog without being properly introduced.

Australian Shepherd

Who’s This Batman Joker?

My puppy has this thing about brooms, ( and shovels), and that’s if you try to sweep with him in the room, he trys to bite the broom with each swipe and barks every time you attempt to sweep, ( or shovel ). He acts, dare I say it? Absolutely crazy.

Australian Shepherd

Copper- My Pup

I think the tri color reds, like my pup, Copper, are some of the least nutso looking of the breed, but I’m still not totally convinced they aren’t crazy.  HA HA  Actually he’s a really good pup and as I said before, so smart. Housebroken in I think it was 3 days and I got him when he was not quite 8 weeks old.

Australian Shepherd

So Nice To Eat I Mean Meet You

There you have a few examples of what these dogs look like in a few, a very few, of their different coloring. Are they crazy?  It’s yet to be seen.  I’ll let you know in a month or two.



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