Auto Correct Strikes Again ~ These Had Me In Tears Laughing

Auto correct CRACKS ME UP! and no one is safe. It affects everyone and I am really glad that there are other sufferers out there.. always remember, you are NOT alone! lol

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  1. Freaking hilarious!

  2. Mariyn Fraser

    OMG. I needed and got the best laugh. The text just kept getting funnier and funnier. It cracked me up. My sides are soar from laughing and tears are in my eyes.

  3. I LOVE auto-corrects! I wish my phone that would do that! Can anyone advise which one I should buy?

  4. Sooo glad I type and review every message! But love to read this- too funnee.

  5. I’m on the train getting some strange looks as I just keep giggling uncontrollably – brilliant. thanks!

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