Beer Vending Machines At Work


I have heard about some very cool places to work such as Google where they have free massages and sushi lunches, slides and just general awesomeness and  Facebook which provides free laundry and daycare services and much much more.

Someone needs to add this to the list of cool places to work,  Arnold Worldwide, a Boston-based advertising agency.

While most vending machines in companies contain the old faithful Coke, Crisps and Chocolate, the employees at this company decided to create a machine they would call Arnie, which sounds like the ultimate vending machine..

It’s all about the beer.

Yes you heard that right .. BEER! and its available to all employee’s aged 21 years and over. The machine also includes an “alepedia” that allows employees to learn more about each of the brews it carries.

At the moment they have 6 different beers available all of which they brew including an eponymous brew, the “Arnold Pilsner.” The agency has also experimented with a variety of ale styles, and will be able to brew beer styles specific to seasons, events, people and even clients, inviting others at the agency to become involved in the brewing process.

Arnold Worldwide Beer

The employees who came up with the beer vending machine took advantage of Arnold’s agency-wide initiative to “manage less and make more.” The agency sets aside $100,000 each year for employees to bring new and innovative ideas to life….. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME A JOB HERE!

There is nothing more rewarding than coming home from a very long day and cracking open a cold one, but imagine you could crack the odd one open at work with your lunch. I think its a fantastic and very creative idea.

What are you thoughts? Do you think there should be a beer vending machine at work?

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