Celebrities Then And Now

Awwww check these out! From little things F big things grow!! Whenever we see celebrities they are usually looking a million dollars! dressed up in any old expensive thing they pulled out of the cupboard and a face plastered with make up etc, but what about when they were just unknown little sh*ts like the rest of us peeps? just your average kid before they were pulled into stardom!

Well look no more, some of these you will recognize , others you won’t and a few you will think, WTF , like I did!

Jo xxx

comedy-actors-young-bill-murray.jpg comedy-actors-young-robert-downey-jr.jpg comedy-actors-young-simon-helberg.jpg comedy-actors-young-ben-stiller.jpg comedy-actors-young-david-cross.jpg comedy-actors-young-chris-rock.jpg comedy-actors-young-stephen-colbert.jpg comedy-actors-young-kevin-james.jpg comedy-actors-young-david-spade.jpg comedy-actors-young-michael-cera.jpg comedy-actors-young-rob-schneider.jpg comedy-actors-young-jason-bateman.jpg comedy-actors-young-adam-sandler.jpg comedy-actors-young-jonah-hill.jpg comedy-actors-young-jim-carrey.jpg

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