Conclusion ~ You Cant Fix Stupid

With the new Dumb and Dumber to coming out soon, I thought this would be fun. I get that some days you just have a brain fart and things go wrong, but then there is the other 1% that are just .. well, you know..
Check it out

idiots-and-dumb-9 idiots-and-dumb-28 idiots-and-dumb-10 idiots-and-dumb-29 idiots-and-dumb-11 idiots-and-dumb-12 idiots-and-dumb-31 idiots-and-dumb-13 idiots-and-dumb-14 idiots-and-dumb-17 idiots-and-dumb-19 idiots-and-dumb-20 idiots-and-dumb-3 idiots-and-dumb-21 idiots-and-dumb-22 idiots-and-dumb-5 idiots-and-dumb-7 idiots-and-dumb-26 idiots-and-dumb-8 idiots-and-dumb-27



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