Dracula’s Castle Could Be Yours for $135 Million

Like all things creepy and have an obsession with Vampires? Well have I got the house for YOU!

Surely like me you have a spare $135 million lying around? well its time to put it to good use and buy your very own “Dracula’s Castle”. This Transylvanian beauty has everything you need, from creepy bedrooms to horrifying dungeons.

I checked it out on the website and this is a little of what they had to say!

Its nickname comes from the fact that it closely matches the description of the castle in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.” Stoker himself never visited, but is believed to have read about it and based the castle in his novel on what he read. The character itself, or at least its name, is based loosely on Vlad Dracul, a.k.a. Vlad Tepes or “Vlad the Impaler.” And while Vlad never lived at Bran either, documents suggest he was once captured and imprisoned inside for two months.

Its time to grab your spare change people and buy a slice of history! Check it out.


The Death Bed

The Naughty Corner


The Dead Bear on the Floor room


The Deceiving Frontal photo

You have to admit, these doors are pretty cool


Cup of tea? .. Wine?? .. BLOOD …

Here you will find spirits fleeting around like Nicole Kidman in The Others


The Gaming room .. Door A .. or B

The Operating Table


Nope, does not look haunted at all …

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