Family cat saves its boy from dog attack

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A family cat in California is being hailed a hero after it saved a four-year-old boy from a neighbour’s dog, with the dramatic attack and rescue captured by several security cameras.

Multiple security cameras recorded the dog sniffing around the front yard of the Triantafilo family’s home in Bakersfield on Tuesday.
The little boy is seen riding on his bike when the dog walks around the family car and trots toward the boy with its tail wagging.
Within a second the dog’s jaw latches onto the boy’s leg, trying to drag him away.
Then out of nowhere, Tara the family cat rushes the dog, launching itself through the air and smashing it with enough force to throw it off the boy.
The dog is forced back as the feisty feline spins on its legs and regains its composure before then chasing the dog away.

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