Foo Fighters rick roll Westboro Baptist

The Foo Fighters performed in Kansas City August 21, and who came to protest their concert? Westboro Baptist Church. Unfortunately for that organization, the Foo Fighters didn’t let the idiocy pass unnoticed. They shot back with a rickroll, cruising via pickup truck into a protest the “church” was staging. Check out the video below, too cool. #Dave Grohl

What do you think about Westboro Baptist? Any opionions? We’d love to know.


  1. Fuck WBC!! Fuck any religious organization that promotes the deaths of fallen soldiers across the world in the name of any “God”. You’re weak minded people who need a compass to find the Kool-Aid jug. Individuality is what makes this place a great place to live. Stop pushing your beliefs on people who are smarter and a lot less gullible than you are?

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