Guitars- Making Ugly Guys Hot For Centuries

It’s a true story. Guitars have been making ugly guys hot for centuries and I doubt that will stop any time soon. I have to admit I always dated musicians, almost exclusively, and you’d never catch me with a drummer. They weren’t always that good looking either, but they were always guitarists.

There’s just something about a guy up on stage that’s very attractive; especially if he can hit the licks. The thing is though, most guitarists I ever met were smoking hot, guitar to aid them or not. The last one I met I married, and that was almost 32 years ago. He kind of looked like a young James Taylor when I met him, with longer hair. He still plays every day for a few hours unless he’s really strapped for time. That doesn’t change the fact though that if you’re not the best looking guy in the world and you want a better chance at dating some hot chicks, learn to play the guitar and even if you’re not in a band, you’ll still have that cool quotient when you break it out at parties.

guitar playing guy cartoon

You Know The One

What can be banged up and old and different and uncommon and not very well known and still be beautiful to behold? Why the guitars these guitarists are playing of course. My husband has 9 and a Dobro, and while he has some newer guitars by Martin and Gibson, and some custom made by the Kinnaird Bros. and Taylor etc., I think the one I like best is his ’36 Martin that has seen better days but is beautiful all the same and has a tone you just don’t find anymore in newer guitars.  That is the whole point of this post! To show you some pictures of not so ordinary guitars that would probably draw enough attention away from ugliness to let some unfortunate guy that owned it get his foot in some hot chick’s door.

Let’s begin. Take for instance this beautiful Phoenix hand carved electric guitar by Rigaud Guitars.

solid body electric


The dragon guitar that you click on to enter the Axe Wars site to rate different guitars.

The Hawk Dragon Electric by Blueberry Guitars would certainly warm me up a bit to the person playing it.

Ibanez makes this puzzle patterned solid body electric and I have to say I really like this one. Some of the others are cool looking, but I couldn’t imagine anyone actually playing them other than in a demonstration, but this looks like a working guitar to me.

Ibanez Prestige RG20062 Puzzle

Ibanez Prestige RG20062 Puzzle

This guitar below has a really interesting history to it and it’s well worth clicking the link on the caption to go and read up about it.  Totally amazing.

Look at the wood on this Australian beauty. Tommy Emmanuel might even stop smacking the body of this one.

When I said centuries I wasn’t fooling around.  This guitar can be found in The Metropolitan Museum and is dated circa 1800.  It’s actually classified as Chordophone-Lute-plucked-fretted, but you see my point I’m sure.

It may seem shallow to want to use a musical instrument to get a woman, but it’s just as shallow for women to respond and in this following case, it would be clear to see any ulterior motives.

Michael Anthony’s bass shows his affinity for the black Jack. Bassists get a pass from me here. It’s only 2 strings less.

Jack daniels shaped bass guitar

No Shot Glass Needed

Meatloaf would have dug this for his Bat Out Of Hell LP.

And last for me, but certainly not least, you can find all sorts of custom made guitars with a little Google searching. Almost all of the links in this post, including almost all of the photo captions, are links to other guitar sites. I really like this one and I imagine it’s because of the color, it’s so peaceful, like you could jump into it and float away. On a tune.

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