How Many Ways Can You Describe Someone That’s Drunk

How do you describe someone that’s drunk when you’re relating a story or incident to a friend or family? All of us at one time or another has surely had reason to have such a conversation.  My favorite term is “shit-faced”. Why, I don’t know, it’s just always been what came out of my mouth when I had occasion to talk about someone, or myself, having a lot too much to drink. Here’s a list of terms I’ve gathered from various spots on the internet.  See if you are familiar with any of them and have ever used any yourself.


  • He is intoxicated.
  • He is inebriated.
  • He is tipsy.
  • He is full.
  • He isloaded.
  • He is jagged.
  • He is fuddled.
  • He is tight.
  • He is topheavy.

beer drinker

  • He is stewed.
  • He is half shot.
  • He is half gone.
  • He is overcome.
  • He is overtaken.
  • He is primed.
  • He is afflicted.
  • He is elevated.
  • He is exhilarated.
  • He is genial.
  • He is with his pants down
    • arse over tit
    • baked 
    • blitzed
    • blotto
    • cocked
    • drunk as a skunk
    • elevated
    • faced
    • fried
    • four sheets to the wind
    • hammered
    • liquored-up
    • on a toot
    • pissed
    • snockered
    • trashed
    • wrecked
    • totalled
    • zonked

drunk woman on her backNo matter how you slice it, whatever you call it, it’s a sometimes fun state to be in, as long as you’re with people you trust and have safe transportation home.   Do you have a different terminology that you use to describe the over indulged state?  If so we’d love to hear what it is.

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