If Breaking Bad Took Place Entirely on Facebook

Believe it or not this is one television show I have never seen. Actually there are quite a few as I don’t watch that much television but the first time someone mentioned the name Walter White to me I had to Google it to find out who they were talking about. Now that I more or less know what it’s all about the following makes perfect sense! I wrote something similar here a while ago about my naivete concerning popular TV bad guys, and people were like, “NO WAY. Everybody knows who Walter White is.” LOL

breaking-bad-2 breaking-bad-3 breaking-bad-4 breaking-bad-5 breaking-bad-6 breaking-bad-7 breaking-bad-8 breaking-bad-9 breaking-bad-10 breaking-bad-11 breaking-bad-12 breaking-bad-13 breaking-bad-14 breaking-bad-15If Breaking Bad Took Place Entirely on Facebook ~ 14 Pics [via]

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