In Starkenberger Castle Austria, you can swim in pools filled with beer

Check it out, the hotel that lets you drink your brew and swim in it too!


Attention ALL beer loving people out there! Starkenberger Castle in Austria is giving people a unique experience by letting its guest swim in their amazing brew pools, YES THAT’S RIGHT! 7 pools completely filled with beer!

Each pool contains 42’000 pints of the divine golden amber ale that has been brewed at the Startenberger brewery.

Beer is known to help in wound healing, skin conditions, blood circulation and is very good for the hair ladies! is there NOTHING beer can’t do?

I would really love to give this a go one day, would you swim in a pool of beer with others? does the thought of it gross you out or turn you on?

Be sure to let us know and just a heads up, I would NOT recommend  drinking the beer direct from the pool, the colour alone could hide all kinds of nasties! lol

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