Jack Daniels will sell you a barrel of Scotch for $10,000 and other probably bullsh!t facts!

Bored? Sitting at your computer at this very moment looking for something to bore you even more?

WELL have I got some pictures for you! The following are some random boring but humorous facts!Including a man that has been backpacking for 30 years, some fraud facts by none other than McDonald’s and Jack Daniels attempts at extortion!

So sit back and pass the next 10 minutes of your life with an equally bored beer lover!

15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-3 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-1 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-16 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-151 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-14 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-13 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-12 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-11 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-10 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-9 15-Astonishing-Random-Facts-8

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