Look What Happens When You Put Dogs In A Photo Booth

It seems these days that photo booths are becoming all the rage for major birthdays and weddings. They are a place to hide and create awesome memories with our loved ones.

In this series of photos photographer Lynn Terry has tuned things upside down and created some of the sweetest and funniest photo booth pictures I have seen …. with dogs! The results are outstanding and I am hoping to recreate this with our pup one day.
Check it out!

pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-1 pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-2 pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-3 pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-4 pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-5 pit-bulls-photo-booth-cute-dogs-lynn-terry-6

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