Meet Miss Winne ~ You Are Going To Be Green With Envy!

Do you ever feel like you have just had enough? You are just sick and tired of the mundane life, all the million things on the list as a Mother that never seem to get done, the washing the cleaning the cooking the yelling the fighting the screaming the picking up and the putting down?

I get so frustrated and often think to myself that there has to be more to life. I would love nothing more that to just build something like this and just take off. Travel Australia, be free, live a nomad lifestyle, even just for a little while to experience it.

This couple have taken an old Winnebago and transformed it into something that is nothing short of incredible, I have a serious case of the green eyed monster!

They rebuilt and live out of a 1975 Winnebago .. Called Miss Winne and they are going 7 years strong and even started their business, a beeswax candle company, out of Miss Winne.

You can check out Pollen Arts Here! Make sure you take a look! some really cool stuff.

It truly is a thing of beauty and these guys are my Heroes!!

Do you have a dream of just taking off one day? Could you live a nomad life like I want to? I would love to hear from you!

Jo xxxx

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