Meet Robo-Turtle ~ He Has Just Received A 3D Prosthetic Beak


This Amazing turtle lost its beak after it was ripped off by a boat propeller. 

The animal was taken to a rescue centre at Pamukkale University in Turkey after the accident which tore off a large section of its jaw and left it unable to feed. After staff there nursed it back to health they realized it was destined for a life in captivity unless a way could be found to build a new beak.

That’s when they approached BTech Innovation, a Turkish biotechnology company that specializes in 3D medical prosthetics

The company used CAT scans for the painstaking process of creating a computer model of the animal’s beak.


Afterwards a prosthetic replacement was made from titanium inside a 3D printer and attached to the turtle during a groundbreaking two and a half-hour surgery.

While the eye-popping result makes the animal look like some kind of turtle cyborg veterinary staff at the university must wait to see if the new prosthetic is rejected.

If not, the turtle will soon be returned to the Mediterranean.

It’s incredible how far science has come, not only offering hope to us mere mortals, but those in the animal kingdom too.

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  1. It is cool how science has come this far and making ways 2 help us or our animals.?

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