Meeting with the IRS

A rich old man gets audited by the IRS saying they need him to come in and fix his taxes. The old man calls his lawyer and heads to the IRS.
Once there, the IRS agent said,”Well I’ve noticed that you don’t have a job listed, and yet you still make a lot of money. What’s your secret?”
The old man replied, “I win a lot of money making bets.”
The agent says, “What do ya mean?”
The old man said, “Okay, I’ll bet ya 50$ I can bite my eye.”
The agent says, “How ridiculous. You’re on.”
So the old man then takes out his fake eye and bites it. The agent, befuddled at what happened was speechless.
The old man then said, “Alright, double or nothing, I bet you I can bite my other eye.”
The agent, thinking to himself, though, ‘Alright, I saw this guy walk in here without a cane. No way he could be blind.’ So the agent says, “Fine. Double or nothing.”
The old man then takes out his dentures and bites his other eye. Furious, the agent claimed how he was cheating. The old man said, “Calm down, calm down. Now a bets a bet. Here’s your last chance. Double or nothin. I bet I can stand on your desk and pee straight into your trash bin without getting a drop on the floor.”
The agent thought, ‘Okay, no way he could do that. No way. The bin is about ten feet away. There’s gonna be some excess drops. The agent says, “You’re on.”
The old man then proceeds to get on the desk, zip down his zipper and proceeds to go everywhere. Absolutely everywhere, all over the desk, the agents papers, the computer, everywhere except the trash bin.
The agent, jumping with joy cries, “Ha! You lost!”
The old man smiles while he watches his lawyer pull out his checkbook.
The agent says to the lawyer, “Hey, what are you doing? Why do you look so down? I got my money back!”
The lawyer said solemnly  “While we were waiting for the meeting, my client here,” as he gestures toward he old man, “bet me ten thousand dollars that he’d be able to get on your desk and pee all over your office and that you’d be happy about it!”

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