Moons and Outhouses- A View

I have always wondered why there was a crescent moon cut into almost every outhouse I’ve ever seen but never bothered to do more than think about it. Today I did a search and I hope I not only have answered my wondering, but yours as well. Other than the obvious, which is to let light in, and air, crescent moons were cut into outhouses to show if the outhouse was for a male or female as a lot of people back in the day, when outhouses were most prevalent, couldn’t read. The moon was chosen for the women and a star for the men with a combo meaning unisex. As time passed it was noticed that women kept their outhouses much cleaner than the men so the star slowly diminished in the outhouse sky, and the moon became much more dominant as men started using the cleaner ones. So there you have it, the reason outhouses have a moon. Today of course it’s just tradition and a lot of the following have none at all.

OH2 If there’s a moon on this outhouse it’s covered by snow most likely.  I guess this one is meant to be used only in the summertime.

OH3_1I think by the looks of this one that it’s a ways out in the woods wherever it is and is probably full of spiders at the very least. The door looks like it’s seen fresh paint not that long ago though. I’d chance it.

blue outhouseWhat a nice color! No moons but it does have a few nice designs and it looks like a lock. Oh yes, I’d definitely cop a squat here.

boards with a restroom sign Yeah OK. The ground this is sitting on looks pretty stony to me. That and the fact it actually says “toilet” leads me to believe that green sticker next to it means this was placed by park rangers of some sort.  Stinky I bet, probably from chemicals, but preferable to the alternative.

outhouse with sinkGood solid log construction and a SINK! That means running water, right?  This is a go for sure. Not holding it a minute longer.

outhouse with vine This outhouse is cleverly disguised, at least from one angle, as an arbor for growing vines. They look like potato plant vines to me and that usually means the South, so even though there’s toilet paper in clear view, I’d bring a long stick to poke around for snakes before I went in.

outhouseI’d say by the look of things not many trees around but I don’t think that would matter to me. I’d rather go out in the open even with nothing to semi-hide behind before I’d step foot in here.  That floor doesn’t look very sturdy. I’d hate to end up below.

nice outhouseThis looks more like a tool shed to me than an outhouse, but the fact someone took the time to put in a window and leave it open for ventilation makes me give this at least a 6 on the famous 1 to 10 scale.

outhouseVentilation pipe, check. Moon, check. Ramp to help me get to the outhouse, check. Concrete slab, hmmmm. We must be fairly close to civilization. I think I’ll wait for something else to come along.

outhouse with moon Is that a padlock I see on the door? I think I’d rather find a place in the trees.  At least there’s a moon AND a star. That padlock though.  That worries me.

outhouseNo ifs ands or ha ha, butts- This is an outhouse among outhouses.  It has a perfect crescent moon and shiny new hinges.  Someone is taking care of this one.

building an outhouse I would bet good green cash that this is situated near someone’s deer stand.  Hey guys! You forgot a couple of walls. One thing though, there’s adequate ventilation.

outhouseI think not. This one probably houses a family or two of snakes or other creepy critters. If I need a fire later though I’ll keep this in mind.

outhouseModern day port-a-potties.  BUT! You’d end up with a little less ass if you were to sit yours on one of their benches I bet.

OH41 Clean your fish and use the outhouse too.  I wonder if the door was added as a joke, because I’m not seeing any walls. Hmmmmm.

outhouse Thanks but no thanks.  It appears something has chewed up the Sears Roebuck catalog and I must have something to read.

outhouse With all the “art work” on this outhouse I think I’m in the wrong neighborhood.  Chances are some gang will come along and tip it right over with me inside.

oh19 This one looks ok, but it appears to be labeled for men and women. I guess the builders didn’t know the moon story or they just added them on for ambience.

nice outhouse Here we have my pants down winner.  I don’t see any moons or any other vents but I’m sure there are on the sides or the back, and everything else is a go. I wouldn’t doubt this even has a flush toilet!

Now that we’ve had a few looks at outhouses, and know whether I’d make use of such facilities, answer this- Where is the strangest, clumsiest, out of the ordinary place you’ve ever had to pee, and I mean HAD TO?? I’ll tell you mine if y’all tell me yours. 😉

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  1. I used to date this coonass (Cajun) guy and so happened was right around deer season when we first started dating so what more romantic thing can you do for a first few dates than go shack up (and I do mean shack) in the woods at deer camp and when he refuses to pull over so you can pee when there’s a fine hole right in front of you in the floorboard to squat over, that’s exactly what you do. OMG We had a blast for a while though. Mon chere

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