Pet Peeves

What are your pet peeves? What are the things that annoy you most about what people say and do. Some of my personal pet peeves are comic, I think I have issues. My list is a mile long, its not just my family that irritate me, its so wide spread and spills out into every aspect of my life, from people eating with their mouth open, people unable to control shopping carts, children farting while you are eating dinner, people who breathe loud and grunt  and people who snort like a pig when they have a cold instead of SIMPLY blowing their nose. I am getting frustrated just thinking about it! .. so here are my TOP 10 Pet Peeves.

1. People who drink straight of of the milk carton or bottles, how HARD is it to walk the two steps and simply get a glass?milk

2. People who eat with their mouth open. You are NOT a farm animal, learn to keep your gob SHUT.girl-stuffing-face-cake

3. Women who dress like they are still fifteen. I am ALL for taking care of yourself, but please stop trying to relive the old times.. Mutton dressed as lamb, remember that!JIFFashion

4. Men who sit with their legs hideously far apart, you have to be kidding me, there is no way your junk is THAT big. Get over yourself.


5. Parents that leave their kids in cars to go do some shopping. I don’t care if you are only going to be 10 mins, an accident can happen in 30 seconds. DON’T BE LAZY and take your child with you.


6. People who let their dogs crap up and down every street they walk on. I can only hope these people are destined for a life of stepping in dog poop for the rest of their lives.


7. Bike riders who ride on the road where there is a CLEARLY marked bike lane. What is it with you people, do you have a death wish?


8. Woman who wear shoes so high they end up walking like a duck on crack.  You are doing you feet no good and you look like an idiot.


9. People that DON’T wash their hands after they have been to the bathroom. What is wrong with you? 


10. There is NO need for mobile phones at dinner. If you cant sit and have a simple conversation with people, then go get some therapy.


Upon reading this back to myself, I wonder quietly if maybe I have some serious issues, as I could keep going… and going …

What are your pet peeves?


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