Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms Recipe

I am making these ASAP. I love blue cheese and I love Portobello mushrooms. They’re nearly as good as steak as far as I’m concerned. This looks just awesome!!! If you cook this let us know how you liked it!

Everyone who has ever tried these has loved them! They are super easy to make and only take 5 ingredients! Perfect appetizers for the summer.



10 Min
15 Min


12 large baby Portobello mushrooms
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 oz. blue cheese, crumbled
6 dash(es) hot sauce [or more, if desired]
1 dash salt & pepper, to taste
6 slices of bacon


1. Preheat to medium. Grease the grill lightly. Clean tops of mushrooms with a damp cloth and remove stems.
2. In a small bowl, mix cream cheese, blue cheese, salt, pepper and hot sauce together. Divide cheese mixture evenly into mushroom cavities.
3. Cut each slice of bacon in half. Wrap around mushroom and place a toothpick into the mushroom where the bacon ends overlap. [Make sure the toothpick is sticking out the side and is not in the top or bottom.
4. Grill mushrooms 5-7 minutes per side starting with the mushroom caps face down. Grill until bacon has grill marks, is slightly crispy, and the filling has melted.

5. Remove from grill, remove toothpicks and serve hot.

Source: Blue Cheese Filled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms Recipe

Doctor Gives Advice On How To Care For Husband

A woman accompanies her husband to the doctor. After the husband’s check-up, the doctor asks the woman if he can have a word with her in his office.

“Certainly, anything for my husband”, the woman replies.

The doctor says, “Your husband is suffering from a very rare and severe disorder, combined with horrible stress. If you don’t do the following, he will die”.

woman with doctor

“Each morning you must fix him a healthy hearty breakfast. You must be pleasant and make sure he is in good humor. For lunch make him a nutritious meal and for dinner prepare an especially nice meal for him. Don’t burden him with any chores, as he is probably had a hard day. Don’t discuss any of your problems with him, it will only make his stress worse.” The doctor continues to say, “Do all of these things and he should continue to live a happy healthy life for 15 to 20 yrs”.

The wife takes all this into consideration and exits the doctor’s office.

On the drive home, the husband asked the wife, “What did the doctor have to say to you ?”

She replies, “He said you’re going to die.”