Perfect Angle Used For These Photos

All I can say is that the perfect angle was used for these photos. Some of these pictures are every photographer’s dream.  You plan, you check your lighting, time and time, over again, you plan the perfect distance, and do you end up with someone’s head on a spoon? No. You end up with the spoon covering your view finder or something just as disastrous happening to the perfect shot that you had planned.  Check these out and see if there are any you wish you’d had the opportunity to capture.

funny-pic-angle-01 funny-pic-angle-02 funny-pic-angle-03 funny-pic-angle-04 funny-pic-angle-06 funny-pic-angle-07 funny-pic-angle-08 funny-pic-angle-09 funny-pic-angle-10 funny-pic-angle-11 funny-pic-angle-12 funny-pic-angle-13 funny-pic-angle-14 funny-pic-angle-15funny-pic-angle-05

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