Possessed Doll Sells For $200 in Online Auction


This has to be the WIRDEST thing I have ever seen for sale, talk about creepy!

A “possessed” doll which has been accused of attacking a small child was put up for aution and has sold for nearly $200 online!

The old-fashioned-looking toy was put up for sale on eBay last week, with its UK seller saying: “Need this doll gone NOW!! We hear odd sounds and my son has been scratched on his face in his sleep.”

The seller added: “He’s started to sleepwalk. I don’t want this doll in the house anymore!!”

Seriously?? if you really thought that, would you try to pawn it off to some poor unsuspecting family?

The seller then added ….

“I’ve have also woken up with bruises on my leg with no explanation as to how they got there. And my eldest son has also said he saw a boy in his room one night he said he had like a whitish face and he walked by and just flew out the window.”


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