Predator found living in girls wardrobe for five days

This is one of my worst fears as a Mother. All we want to do is to protect our children and one of the common issues facing parents is the battle with our kids over the internet and social media. This guy has obviously groomed this teenager online which led to the situation that developed. Its a very scary thought. I don’t understand how you can have a man living in your daughters wardrobe for five days and not know about it.

Jarred Workman, 27, was charged with 11 counts of statutory rape and five counts of statutory sex offence, according to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

“During the day he was either in her closet or in her bedroom, and when she would come home from school or on the weekend or whatever, he would come out on evenings,” Detective Lt. Bill Hamby told NBC news.


“I was sort of shocked more than anything,” the mother said. “I asked him who he was and he said Jarred Workman and he was 19.”

Once sprung, he fled “into the woods” but police were able to track him down after he left his wallet and mobile phone behind.

It later emerged that Workman had “moved in” to the wardrobe on April 27 after befriending the victim on a social media site and “developing an online relationship”.

The girl’s parents told police they had no idea Workman had been communicating with their daughter let alone hiding in her wardrobe for five days.

The daughter told police she met Workman online and arranged to meet with him, but that he sexually assaulted her once they got to her house.

“The internet has just ruined that poor girl. She was just taken advantage of,” the mother told WSOC.

“I’m uncomfortable in my own home. I’m scared. I can’t sleep at night.”

Whats your thoughts on this?

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