Quick and Simple Life Hacks BEER EDITION

great_simple_lifehacks_beer_edition_400x300_05Quick and Simple Life Hacks — Beer Edition. We will tell you 6 ways to open a bottle just in case you lost your opener.

1. How to open a beer with a Counter Top – Place the seam of the cap along a hard edge that won’t be damaged and give the bottle a hard tap right on top.

2. How to open a beer with a key – Take your car key and pop out 3 or 4 prongs in the cap twisting each time and then push up.

3. Open beer with another bottle – Flip another bottle upside down and connect the caps at the seam, leverage the upside bottle over your hand and open it.

4. Open beer with a dollar bill or paper – Take some currency and fold it over several times until its hard to bend. Then grab your bottle and place the bill under the lip of the cap. Using your knuckle as leverage pop that sucker off and make it rain.

5. Open a bottle with a drawer – Place the bottle under the lip of a handle and simply pull down in a fast motion.

6. The old lighter trick. No explanation needed.

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