Rednecks Rule

Rednecks are AWESOME! They will always be the first to put there hand up to help a neighbor, they have a brilliant sense of humor, great taste in music and know how to have FUN! but most of all they are the best at coming up with genius ideas. Check it out.


Broke? Need a loan for your upcoming wedding but the bank said NO? Have no fear! The Redneck wedding is HERE!

Summer Weddings

And not a single DUCK was given that day

There is someone special out there for everyone, not in this case! Beware online daters!


Its Earl and Murle

Tried to microwave a fork? Unsure of how to recycle properly? Well now you know.


Nothing screams sexy like standing next to a John Deere Tractor smoking a ciggie in your wedding dress. Need a brilliant photographer? Click here

Thats HAWT

Cant afford a pink Hummer ? No worries, the Redneck Limo is the epitome of craftsmanship, just make sure your insurance  is up to date!

Every girls dream

This Quad Bike is VERY cool  and I want one each for all my kids!

This is brilliant



Redneck ingenuity at its finest

There, fixed it

Life sure is a balancing act!

What a death trap

 This is so creative, for real! lol

Ridin along on my push bike honey


I wonder how long it took them to collect that many wine bottles?

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree

Australia has so much more to offer!

Aussie Pride

Lazy or Genius?

All you need is some cold beers!

Who needs lawn bowls!


 Aint nothin going to break my stride ….

She’ll be right Mate!

Dont judge, it works!

redneck-e1315026327237If you have anything to add, be sure to let us know below!


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