Spoiled Dogs And Their Incredible Beds!

Dogs, mans best friend! but do people take their love for their pooches too far?

On a basic physical level they really only need food, shelter love and an ability to chew and poo what ever and where ever they like.  We have a Boarder Collie called Charlie and she can be an EPIC pain in the arse, we love her all the same, but unfortunately for her we have a large family and can’t afford to be building her anything extravagant. Charlie is quite happy when she is allowed to jump on the couch with us on a cold night,  but these people clearly have a lot of money and time to throw around and the results are pretty cool.

The Camper Dog


The Shabby Chic Dog


The Rustic Dog


The I’m babied dog


The little rich f**ker dog


The 50 Shades dog


The carpentry dog


The my owners are alcoholics dog


The sibling dogs


Do you spoil your pooch?

Jo xx

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  1. I like the camper of dog

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