Stop that nonsense, Bigfoot is REAL


Bigfoot sightings are the gift that keeps on giving! and the TV show Finding Bigfoot has sucked me in, hook like and sinker.

The term Bigfoot is quite a new name for this creature, he is also known as Albatwitche by the Susquehannock Natives, The Bad smelling tree man,  The Boggy Boon, The Cave Monster, The Forest Devil and of all bloody things the HooHoo!! lol.

Despite the fact this giant hairy human like creature that has installed the fear of God into many and has had mad scientists following the trail all over the world, it still remains the reining World Hide and Seek Champion.

Could all the people that have sworn to have seen Bigfoot be off their heads, crazy or drunk? HELL NO! He is real people and to be honest I have an incredible urge to lead an expedition to the Boondocks in Florida to find out for myself… only thing is I need a crew and I am hoping the beer drinking secret shenanigators will join me. 

The most recent sighting was uploaded by Disclose TV this morning, its pretty freaky, there is no denying that but the weirdest part about it is the white Bigfoot at the end.. what the hell is that? its like an albino alien hybrid. One of the better ones to come out is the one with the two beer drinking Canadians that caught video in Squamish, British Columbia. A tiny dot yes, but the speed it was moving at in those conditions is hard to pawn off as a guy in a gorilla suit.

Do you think its arrogant to believe that we the human race are the only planet with life forms? Was everything we learned from The X Files a lie? Are ghosts a figment of peoples imaginations? are we all INSANE?.. NO… these things are real, we cant catch these buggers as they are clearly smarter than us .. and ALSO better at hiding planes.

The following are some of my favorite Bigfoot pictures, Enjoy!


This is one of the most famous pictures around, but WHY do they always have to be blurry …


Good image if you ask me!


The two beer drinking Canadians found this guy


Hey, EVERYBODY needs to fish


The Jury is still out on this one, it could just be two circus monkeys out for a friendly bike ride


One of the most compelling images to date


The White Bigfoot Alien Hybrid .. looks like one scary MoFo

And to top it off here is a 2014 compilation of Bigfoot sightings off Youtube. NOW GO AHEAD AND TELL ME HE IS NOT REAL!

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