Ten Grossest Sports Injuries Ever

Ten Grossest Sports Injuries Ever


You’re kicked back, relaxed, drinking a beer or two and all ready to enjoy watching some sports on TV. You weren’t expecting to see an athlete injured in a gross, in your face manner, but hey, stuff happens. It still comes as quite a surprise. Check out a few of these that you may or may not have seen live. If you’re squeamish about seeing blood or bones spilling and popping out of someone’s skin then take the caution warning seriously.

1. Paulo Diogo
After scoring a goal in a 2004 game Diogo, who was only recently married and was wearing his wedding ring, jumped the fence to celebrate with his fans and caught the ring on the fence which severed the top half of his finger.

2. Anderson Silva
During a bout in 2013 Silva’s opponent, Chris Weidman checked an incoming low kick from the then middleweight champion, Silva, snapping Silva’s tibia in two.
gross sports injuries

3. Clint Malarchuk
During a 1989 NHL game St. Louis Blues player Steve Tuttle‘s skate blade slashed Malarchuk’s carotid artery, causing immediate massive blood loss. Luckily he survived the injury and returned to the game later that same year.

4. Marcus Lattimore
The 5-foot-11, 220-pound back suffered serious knee injuries in 2011 (ACL and MCL tears in his left knee) and 2012 (right knee) during his time at South Carolina. He then went on to play with the San Francisco 49ers. He announced his retirement November of last year, 2014.

5. Sid Vicious
In a pay-per-view back on January 14, 2001. Sid Vicious leaped off the turnbuckle, trying to land a boot in the face of his opponent. The landing was not perfect, to say the least and you can tell by this picture how devastating the injury was. Legs aren’t supposed to bend that direction

6. Joe Theismann
November 18, 1985, Theismann’s football career ended when he suffered a compound fracture of his leg producing multiple bone splinters while being sacked during a Monday Night Football game.
gross sports injuries

7. Kevin Ware
Louisville’s Kevin Ware came down on his leg in the worst way possible attempting to block an opponent’s shot during an Elite Eight game against Duke in 2013. How’s this for graphic?

8. Allan Ray 
Villanova guard Allan Ray got poked in the eye during the 2006 Big East Tournament. He lost vision for some time, though his eyelid just went behind his eye, it looks as if it came loose from the socket, and no matter how you slice it, must have hurt like hell. gross sports injuries

9. Jessica Dube
In a horrific and memorable accident at the 2007 Four Continents skating event, Bryce Davison’s skate ( Dube’s partner) hit her face as he spun at high speed, slicing through her skin like butter. Surgery and more than 80 stitches were required.
gross sports injuries

10. Llewellyn Starks
Upon takeoff, May 24, 1992, at the New York Games, Starks broke a bone in his right leg during his third long jump. He had suffered a compound fracture of the fibula and tibia, forfeiting his chances to compete in the 1992 Summer Olympics.
gross sports injuries

Gross or not gross? Your opinion, please. If you can add any horrific sports injuries to this list please do!

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