The Bosses Wife!



The Bosses Wife!

A man is at work on a dreadful Monday when he feels the worse cold coming on. Finding himself barely able to function he goes to his boss and asks to go home. Although reluctant at first, the boss can tell the worker is truly sick and decides to give him the rest of the day off with some sound advice.

“Go ahead and take the rest of the day off” he tells his worker. “Do what I do when I’m feeling under the weather. Whenever I’m sick I go home and make love to my beautiful wife. It works every time. Give it a try and let me know how you’re feeling later on.”

The man does as he’s told and takes the rest of the day off. He calls his boss later that afternoon to let him know how he is feeling and if his advice worked. After his boss answers he he joyfully tells him…

“Great advice Sir, I did just as you said and I feel like a new man. I plan on being in first thing in the morning and by the way I must compliment you, you have a gorgeous house and your wife asked that you pick up milk on the way home!” 🙂

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