The Hungry Monkey!

A guy in a bar playing pool has a pet monkey. The monkey jumps onto the table, grabs the cue ball and stuffs it into his mouth and swallows it. The bartender freaks and starts yelling about how much cue balls cost , etc. The guy tries to calm him down and tells him the monkey will pass it in the next day or so and he’ll wash it off real well and bring it back.

Sure enough, a few days later the guy and the monkey come back into the bar and gave the bartender his cue ball back. Meanwhile the monkey reaches into the peanut bowl, grabs a nut, sticks it in his butt–then eats it. The bartender stares at the monkey who continues to repeat this action again and again. So he asks the guy, “what’s up with that?”

“Whats up with what?” the guy replies.

“Your monkey keeps grabbing peanuts one at a time and sticking them in his butt then eating them.”

“Oh, that—well, ever since the pool ball incident, he has to measure everything before he eats it.”



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