The Rock Would Love These Babies

I think everyone that is familiar with “The Rock” or Dwayne Johnson as he would like to be known now, is well aware of his famous cocked eyebrow gaze, and I think he would probably love the looks of these babies.  Caution: Do NOT Try This At Home. 😉
the rock with his eyebrow look
Source: Tomorrow’s Theme
Baby with painted on eyebrowsSource:  Nanners

Baby with eyebrows painted on

Source: wetpaintBaby with eyebrows

Source: acidcowBaby with eyebrows painted on

Source: tcmagtwin babies with eyebrows

Source: cities of goldbaby with eyebrows painted on

Source: khydebaby with brows

Source: smoshbabies with brows

Source: obvious winnerbaby with brows

Source: wallshitBaby with brows

Source: cities of gold

These are absolutely hilarious, but if you have a baby and you think you just might want to create a picture to embarrass them with on a first date or something, make sure you find something to do the deed with that is water soluble.  LOL  Otherwise your baby is going to have their brows until they wear off!


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