The Top 25 Television Anti-Heroes

The Top 25 Television Anti-Heroes 

Dexter Morgan

We love to hate them, and hate to love them.  The anti-hero is a character that is not the protagonist, but not necessarily the villain either.  They usually teeter the line between good and bad, but mostly bad.  While they may make many questionable decisions, you know that deep down, they came from a good place. Check out our list of our favorite anti-heroes to hit the small screen!

1.  Nancy Botwin-Weeds

I’ve heard a lot about this show but I never have taken the time to watch it and I really like Mary Louise Parker. I especially liked her in the movie “Sugartime” where she played one of the McGuire sisters, Phyllis McGuire, who was the mistress of Sam Giancana.

Nancy Botwin Weeds

2.  Dexter Morgan-Dexter

Oh how I do love Dexter. So much so that I couldn’t bear to watch the last season and I still don’t know how it all ended. I want to think that Dex still is up to his old tricks and taking out the trash down in Miami.

Dexter Morgan/ Dexter

3.  Norman Bates-Bates Motel

I have never seen this show either and I don’t really want to. Norman Bates will always be Anthony Hopkins and I will accept no substitutes.

Norman Bates

4.  Walter White-Breaking Bad

I actually had to Google this guy during a text conversation not too long ago. I had no idea. I know who the Baratheons are though!

Walter White

5.  Jax Teller-Sons Of Anarchy

This is one I’ve actually been meaning to take the time to see. Every time I think of it though I’m busy with something else and I forget about it until the next time I see an article like this one.

Jax Sons of Anarchy

6.  Jack Bauer-24

My girlfriend Mel watched every single one of these episodes and waited impatiently for Netflix to bring her the next installment. I like Keifer best as the vampire in “The Lost Boys”.

Jack Bauer / 24

7.  Finona Goode-American Horror Story:  Coven

I actually did start watching this and I love Jessica Lange but it started to bore me right around the end of the first season so I never bothered to catch up.

Finona Goode

8.     Don Draper-Mad Men

Madison Avenue has always interested me as I think I could come up with some better ads than I see around for different products but this show, not so much.

Mad Men

9.  Eric Northman-True Blood

Sigh…He could bite me any old night of the week. Sooky was one lucky chick with him and Bill and OMG Joe Manganiello around on set every day.

Eric / True Blood

10.  Hank Moody-Californication

Once again I have nothing to add as the last time I saw this guy, he was chasing after flying saucers.

Hank Moody

11.  Dr. Gregory House-House

My youngest son watches House every chance he gets. From what I understand House is a pretty smart ass type of guy. I can relate, but have I ever seen the show? LOL Nope.


12.   Patty Hewes-Damages

OK, I’m almost afraid to admit this. How far out of the loop am I? Never even HEARD of this.

12.   Patty Hewes-Damages

13.  Jake Ballard-Scandal

Make that two in a row!

Jack Ballard  Scandal

 14.  Faith Lehane-Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Never watched this either. I saw the original movie but the TV series, never ever.

Faith / Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 15.  Damon Salvatore-The Vampire Diaries

I’m on a roll here, and although this is one of my favorite genres, never saw this either. I’m beginning to think I spend too much time on the internet.

The Vampire Diaries

16.  Tony Soprano-The Sopranos

This show was all I could think about for however long it took me to get all of the disks of each season through Netflix. I’d be at the mailbox panting looking for that red and white envelope. I LOVED The Sopranos. It had a suck ass ending to the series though I thought.

Tony Soprano

17.  Juliette Barnes-Nashville

I guess this was modeled off of that movie that Jeff Bridges starred in which I also didn’t see. Giggle I heard that it was really good though and I love Jeff Bridges.


18.  Spike-Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Spike. Ha Ha Do people really get nicknamed “SPIKE”? Your pitbull maybe

Spike, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

19.   Julie Cooper-The OC

The OC? Is this like that zip code show? Mark me up another one.

19.   Julie Cooper-The OC

20.  Frank Underwood- House Of Cards

So I’d rather write than watch TV or build websites or something. Sue me.

House of Cards

21.   Sawyer-Lost

Giggle. I’m probably the only one on the planet.

Sawyer- Lost

22.  Emily Thorne-Revenge

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. This show? I’m Clueless.

Emily Thorne  Revenge

23.   Vic Mackey-The Shield

I’m starting to get an inferiority complex here. I know that not being a couch potato is nothing to be ashamed of, but I feel like I live under a rock or something.

Vic Mackey-The Shield

24.   Nicholas Brody- Homeland

Batting 1000 here. I’m guessing this must be about border wars or some such.

Nick Brody  Homeland

 25.  Kate Austen- Lost

I know as much about her and this show as I did the last time.  I thought this was the one where they were all survivors from a crashed plane or something. 

Kate Austen-Lost

 Well there you have it- Someone’s idea of the 25 top tv anti-heroes that I know almost absolutely nothing about. LOL  I hope this is more relevant to you than it was to me!

Written by Sam Davidson with addendum by Dagney.

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