This Trashy Trailer Gets A Mind Blowing Transformation

This trailer looks so run down but to this Reddit user’s friend, though, it looked like opportunity.

Doing something up like this can be time consuming but if you have the patience it can be very rewarding.

Thanks to some love, a lot of TLC and paint, this old caravan has been completely transformed and the results are amazing.

Check it out and be sure to let us know what you think

 The humble beginning.

Not much to look at…

Even worse on the inside. Blech.

Seriously, so gross.

Its former occupants were clearly wild animals.

Or possibly humans who behaved like wild animals.

Only one solution: start from scratch.

So they brought it in for a makeover!

Touched up the paint.

Got rid of all the gross stuff.

Things started really coming together.

MAJOR improvements.

Looks like a great place to sit and gossip!

It even has an ample waiting area.

They also installed picture perfect lighting.

Almost finished…

Ta-daa! I’m stunned.

I’d like to make an appointment here.

The retro vibe fits right in with the new decor!

A far, far cry from its former life.

Simply amazing!

(via Reddit)

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