Two Moscow Mules And An Acre Please

My husband is worse than I ever thought of being about shopping.  I don’t like to shop much at all unless it’s in an antique store, or at a flea market, but he likes to shop and he likes to do most of it online so it’s no surprise when I hear a truck that sounds an awful lot like UPS or FedEx outside and then my doorbell ringing.  Today actually would be the latest visit.

So what was this new item he couldn’t live without?  He wouldn’t show me but it said Air Guitar on the box and I said “Air Guitar?” and he said, “Yes, you know what air guitar is, and that’s what was in the box.”  Liar.

chris on family guy

Evil Monkey In The Closet Blues

I let it go though because I don’t care what he finds to waste his money on, it is after all, his money.  I mean he works an awful lot of hours to get it, so who am I to bitch?  He never says much about what I spend and he usually feels guilty when he buys things like “air guitars” and I end up getting something before it’s over with.  Today though, immediately. Wherever he’d gotten this “air guitar” at they had something he thought I’d like so he had it added to the order and he gave it to me after I questioned him about what he’d bought THIS time.  I think he thought I’d get sidetracked and lay off what an air guitar that is solid enough to be packed inside of a box actually was.

copper moscow mule cup

Ooooh Pretty But No “Air Guitar”

So what do I get?  A Moscow Mule copper cup, lined in pewter with a brass handle.  I’m like, hmmmm, OK, what the hell?  I mean it’s a nice looking cup and all but I don’t drink vodka. Men.  I’ll never understand them.  If I were going to drink vodka though and I wanted to make a Moscow Mule, this is how I’d do it-

moscow mule recipe

Doesn’t Sound Half Bad

I might have to pick up some of these ingredients. Soon.  Very soon.

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