Wild Animals Feasting

The above song is to give you a chance to calm down and think about what you are about to embark on.

If you have a weak gut or don’t believe for a second that this actually happens in the wild .. PLEASE CLOSE THIS DOWN NOW!

I know most of you all love the cute cat and doggie stories.. BUT .. this is real life. This is how animals actually behave in the wild, HORRIFYING I know ..
The following are a series of pictures of animals behaving like .. well .. animals!

They are gruesome and awesomely gory but I don’t mind that kind of thing, we don’t all sh!t kittens and rainbows people.
So if you think your tummy can handle it, check it out! and of course, let us know what you think, good or bad . I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!

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wolf eating

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