Woman calls radio station because deer crossing signs ‘encouraging deer to cross’ are causing accidents. (I wish we were kidding)

The woman featured in the video below called in to a radio station, Y94 Playhouse, and informed the hosts that she had been in three car accidents involving deer. All of them, she explained, had taken place shortly after she saw a deer crossing sign.

“Why do the Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Transportation “allow these deer crossings to be in such high traffic areas?”

This is a question she asked. And clearly she was being serious. (yes, really)

Assuming that people wouldn’t believe they had actually received such a phone call, the radio station posted the full audio from Donna’s interview on Youtube.

Donna said she had grown accustomed to her complaint falling on deaf ears, explaining that she had sent “several” unanswered letters to local T.V. stations and newspapers. Realizing the radio hosts had no intentions to cut her off, Donna continued to voice her concern about the placement of deer crossing signs.

“I’ve even seen them on the interstate,” she said, with growing frustration. “Why are we encouraging deer to cross at the interstate?”

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