Would You Like To Spend Your Holiday Shipwrecked?


Have you ever dreamed about being shipwrecked on a tiny island ? no kids screaming at you, no one barking orders at you, just you, being one with nature? Kinda like a real life Robinson Crusoe?

Well I have! and I recently stumbled upon a Spanish travel company called Docastaway that offer just that! They provide you with everything you need including fishing equipment, machetes and tent if required and even a choice to even build your own shelter to get the true experience!



I think the cost for 7 days is around the $2500 mark which I think is reasonable, although it does not include flights, but I think its achievable to save and really spoil yourself for truly unique experience.


They have 16 desert islands to choose from and each island can only accept ONE client or couple at a time to guarantee exclusiveness!!!


You can also choose to get a true experience and eat off the island with basic foods including fish and coconuts, but they also offer more modern bungalows and where you can enjoy delicious buffet style meals.


I for one would love to get the real experience and live of the island, really enjoy the adventure!

Would like to try a holiday like this? or do you prefer all the trimmings of going 5 star? I would love to hear from you.

Jo xxxx

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  1. i would love to do it I’m all about the outdoors and to be able to live like that is right up my alley

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